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  About Gold Systems  

Founded in 1989 Gold Systems mission is to solve complex challenges with industry expertise, innovation, and technology. At the center of Gold Systems are its 6 core values.

Gold Systems' Six Core Values:

1. Honest and ethical in all we do
Our motives and business practices should be transparent to clients and employees alike. If an activity is in question, we will openly and honestly discuss it and, if necessary, will alter it. We understand that our reputation is our most valuable asset and the best way to maintain it is to always honor this commitment.

2. It's all about our client relationships
We genuinely care about the success of our clients and their projects. Our clients hire us because of the challenges of managing and solving complex problems. Sharing challenges with individuals outside their organization takes a lot of trust. We will not betray or take advantage of this trust. Central components of our client relationship management strategy are:

Collaboration is key to the way we do business
Two heads are better than one, three are better than two, and so on. Staff and clients communicate openly and frequently. Clients have access to all information and resources needed. Roadblocks are removed expeditiously and all team members will have opportunities to contribute and address challenges

We honor our commitments
Custom software development is often a step into the unknown and a chance to become pioneers of a new landscape. Both parties make commitments to each other and agree to share the risk of braving a new frontier. We do everything we can to meet or exceed our commitments. Delivering completed, functional software throughout each engagement is always our goal.

We are passionate about our clients' businesses
Our culture is based on problem solving; it's what we are passionate about. Our clients' challenges quickly become our challenges and we invest our skills, efforts, and passion in finding a solution. This isn't just a platitude; if you don't believe us, just as our clients.

You can't put a price on experience
We will do what it takes to lead and be respected in our industry. Our company has 20 years of consulting experience. In addition to our technical expertise we invest our own time and money learning our clients businesses. The result of this expertise is that projects move faster, smoother, and more closely match our clients' desires. It also leads to initial engagements become long term partnerships.

3. We take care of the employees who take care of us
We realize that our most valuable assets are our people. We will always strive to provide fair compensation and a competitive benefits package. We will provide a great work environment that provides flexibility for our employees and is based on an attitude of respect and trust.

4. We are a pioneering organization
Many of our current clients are with us because we did something that others said couldn't be done, or would cost too much, or would take too long. We thrive on innovation, and thrive on the opportunity to make the impossible possible.

5. We seek out projects of social significance
We continuously evaluate and challenge the nature of our work. We focus on opportunities that we can be passionate about and seek projects that are not only morally defensible but contribute to society in a positive way.

6. It's ok for making money to be important
A consistent revenue stream is one of the most important elements of an organization's stability. Profitability is central to our ability to hire and retain quality staff ant to provide them with appropriate equipment, an excellent work environment, and competitive benefits. Long-term vision and strategy execution are easier in a stable environment. These things, in turn, allow us to provide superior service to our clients, thereby to maximize their investment.

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