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  Gold Systems' Culture  


1. What we do matters.
Our services and expertise help preserve our nation's rivers and streams, manage response to catastrophic disasters, track the source of birth defects, provide health and human services for families across the country, and deliver online training to businesses small and large that are so critical to our nation's economy. Although we're not always recognized for it, our products improve the lives of those that they serve.

2. We strive to be socially responsible.
In addition to seeking out socially responsible projects, we also make an effort to support our local businesses and charitable organizations. Each year, our staff are given the opportunity to donate towards charitable organizations of their choosing, reimbursed by the company. We provide our water quality software AWQMS to the volunteer community at our cost and donate an online learning portal to the Ascend Alliance for use in their humanitarian efforts.

3. How we do it is fun.
We are an agile company: collaboration, teamwork, and creative thinking are central to our way of doing business. Development teams are self-organizing and self-directed. We favor a flat organization, one in which our leadership maintains an open access policy for all employees and believes that everyone can contribute to the direction and growth of the company. Our entire staff is passionately driven to provide innovative and solid solutions for our clients.

4. We have the best people and we want more.
The skills and interests of our staff might surprise you. Among our staff are performing artists, pilots, photographers, runners, rock climbers, faculty members, Bluegrass musicians, and even an ice hockey official. Most important, we are energetic and talented people who are good at what we do. We want the best and brightest to come and work with us.

5. We "feed the inner geek".
Employees receive an annual $600 technology budget to purchase technology toys that are on your personal wish list items like flat screen monitors, tablets, home theater systems, and phones. The technology budget can also be used for fitness or eco-friendly purchases including sports equipment, gym memberships, or installing solar panels on your roof.

6 Location, Location, Location.
We work out of a beautifully renovated office in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood. Our staff can walk to incredible restaurants, coffee houses, a bank, a library, the post office, art galleries, and just about anything else they need. We also have multiple gyms and beautiful parks just a short walk away. For those that want to eat in, our break room is furnished with a cabinet full of snacks, a movie style popcorn machine, a free soda fountain, as well as coffee, tea and cocoa.

7. Good, solid benefits.
In order to take care of what's most important we offer:

  • Generous paid vacation and personal leave
  • Comprehensive medical benefits including flex spending
  • Company-matched 401k
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • No-cost disability insurance
  • No-cost life insurance

8. Flexibility in your schedule.
We all have important things to take care of and sometimes need to adjust the way we work. In most cases, as long as there is no disruption to the project, our team members have flexibility in their work schedule. Need a day off or a flexible start time? No problem, just coordinate with your team and we can accommodate you.

9. Honesty and ethics will get you everywhere.
We don't over bill our clients, nor do we practice bait and switch consulting strategies. We don't sell solutions that are bigger than our client needs and we don't make recommendations that are only based on self-interest. Since day one, our Company has been based on honesty and strong work ethics. That's why we're still in business and continue to grow.

10. Educated employees keep us in business.
Gold Systems believes in helping you stay current with technology and industry education. We reimburse our employees for books and other pre-approved educational expenses. We also sponsor a weekly lunch and learn where we provide educational sessions on everything from mobile app design to hot sauce.

11. We even play together well.
Gold Systems sponsors regular social events and holds quarterly team building activities, like bowling, go-cart racing, Bees games, and camping. There are groups that run, ski, golf, take pictures, fly airplanes, travel, and play foosball together. Maybe that's part of why we like working together.