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Gold Systems Emergency Management Services

In partnership with the States of Utah and Montana, Gold Systems has developed the Health Information and Resource Management System (HIRMS), a suite of modularized web-based modules. These modules can function as a complementary suite of applications or each as a stand alone application. They are platform independent, customizable, and capable of user-driven data sharing. The HIRMS System includes:

Volunteer Registration and Deployment
The Volunteer Management module allows advance registration of health professionals and other volunteers, including Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and the American Red Cross. In the event of a local, regional, or statewide catastrophic event, a centralized notification system alerts registered volunteers, based on skill set and geographical location. Administrators can obtain verifiable, up-to-date information about the volunteer’s identity, licenses, credentials, and accreditation.

Incident and Resource Management
The Resource Management module provides hospitals and health care facilities with a fully configurable inventory management system that tracks medical personnel, supplies and equipment. In the event of a disaster, administrators can monitor, in real time, medical facility status, including specialty care capabilities, the type and count of available beds, and emergency contacts. The module’s messaging system notifies other facilities of diversion status, emergency declaration, and resource assistance requests.

Patient care Records (PCRs) Management
The PCR module provides EMS agencies with a secure, paperless system for collecting and submitting patient data over the internet. The system is designed to integrate, in real time, with remote patient care management systems. The current system has received NEMSIS certification.

EMS Agency Licensing and Management
The Agency Licensing module allows for the management and licensing of EMS agencies, inspection and licensing of vehicles and credential verification of personnel. State personnel can use this module to monitor, audit, and issue licenses and waivers to compliant agencies. Resource management functionality includes documenting and tracking vehicles, radios, and medical equipment.

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