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  Our Expertise  

Gold Systems is an expertise based firm. We specialize in the use of technology in order to solve complex problems. We pride ourselves on leading our competitors in industry, methodology, and technical expertise. We are a pioneering organization.

Industry Expertise
From the beginning, Gold Systems has devoted resources to not only providing technological expertise, but also to subject matter expertise within our business niches. We are committed to a true partnership with our clients, a relationship that involves learning their businesses. In this way, we are able to make sure that the solutions provided actually meet the needs of the business. Gold Systems has developed expertise in many industries including:

  • Aviation Services - Pilot Safety and Training
  • Vital Statistics - Birth and Death Registration
  • Environmental Systems - Water Quality, GIS Support
  • Public Health & Human Services - Newborn Screening, Birth Defects Registry, Compliance
  • Disaster Management and Response - Volunteer Registration, Emergency Response

Methodology Expertise
Gold Systems has adopted and is committed to Agile methods in our software development. Our methodology increases the probability of delivering functional software. Our development methods give us an advantage in time to market and addresses the "I'll know it when I see it" challenge. Our methodology also allows us to provide higher quality software with fewer defects on time, and within budget. The Gold Unified Process utilizes both the Scrum method and elements of the Unified Process, in order to provide a highly collaborative approach to software development. While many companies have adopted similar approaches, Gold System's implementation has proven to be very effective within the government sector, where traditional waterfall methods have dominated for years. More traditional development methods typically promote a lengthy up-front period of requirements gathering, functional specifications development, and the delivery of very detailed static documentation. Instead the iterative Gold methodology offers the benefits of early partial product delivery through prototyping and client involement, which creates confidence, satisfaction, and high development team moral. Our process emphasizes collaborative meetings, client communication, and transparency in operations.

Technology Expertise
Gold Systems has invested heavily in a wide range of current technologies. We strive to use the technology best-suited for the client's needs, rather than bend the requirements to meet the strengths of one specific technology. We have extensive experience with Windows™, Linux, and Unix environments.

Java Development
Java is an Object Oriented Programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a widely utilized programming language that is platform independent and features a secure and simple object model. Java developers at Gold Systems have a rech and extensive knowledge base in developing application software with JDK tools, J2EE, Swing, J2ME, Struts and Spring, CSS, AJAX , Tomcat, Apache, and HTML along with other core development technologies.

.Net Development
The .NET™ Framework is the structure of the Microsoft .NET™ Platform and is the flagship for Microsoft™ centric development projects. .NET™ Development is one of Gold Systems' strong fortes. We use our .NET expertise to develop powerful applications combining C#, VB, ASP.NET™ and IIS with other related technologies like CSS and Ajax.

Database Development
When appropriate Gold Systems builds database agnostic systems that can function with Oracle, Microsoft Sequel Server, My SQL and POSTgreSQL.

Oracle Development
For many years, Gold Systems has used Oracle technologies as a powerful tool for implementing enterprise solutions. We also have extensive experience with, PL/SQL, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle Portals.