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  Gold Systems Methodology  

Gold Systems has been providing database solutions for the public sector for over nineteen years. Part of our success is our unique approach to collaborative software development. This approach allows for greater flexibility, early risk mitigation, and constant feedback and input from clients. The result of this methodology is happier clients, superior products, and long term relationships grounded in trust and repeated success.

The Gold Unified Process
Gold Systems' unique approach to software development combines the agility of Scrum with the structure of the Unified Process . The Gold Unified Process is adaptable, in order to allow input from clients and the integration of typical waterfall artifacts such as Gantt charts and project plans. The Gold Unified Process provides best practices in several areas:

  • Interactive Development
    Iteration rhythm is defined by the team and is fixed in length.

  • Requirements Management
    Requirements are managed by the entire team but are controlled by the product owner, thus requiring a collaborative effort with the development team.

  • Use Component Architecture
    The architecture is proposed by the team itself. The architecture-centric approach promoted by UP leads to careful consideration and selection of various applicable architectures.

  • Visual Modeling
    The Scrum team in consideration of the Sprint goals decides which artifact is created, and to what degree and quality.

  • Continuous Quality
    Focusing exclusively on their sprint goals, Scrum teams must demonstrate results at the end of each 30-day cycle (each sprint). In this way, functionality is tested, measured, and demonstrated in an iterative fashion.

  • Change Management
    As with any modern software development project, changes occur. In the Gold Unified Process changes are expected and welcomed. New functionality is placed in the next iteration and the backlog of work adjusted to match available time and funding. The Scrum Master captures the changes required, and waits until the end of the sprint to present them as part of the next set of goals.

  • PM Light
    With self-managing teams, we can devote much fewer resources to the traditional Project Management tasks. The entire Gold Systems approach is based on the understanding that application development is an ongoing lifecycle. After each iteration is completed, the process begins anew with an elaboration phase. New development can build upon past development making for more effective solutions and ongoing improvements.