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At Gold Systems we believe that technology is a powerful tool that will allow our clients to dramatically improve the quality of services they provide, improve the efficiency and morale of system users, and to reduce costs to tax payers. Integration of IT strategy and automating complex business processes is a core challenge facing today's businesses and government agencies. Gold Systems offers a full range of strategic and technological services to help meet today IT challenges.

What we do

Automate Business Processes
Gold Systems has extensive experience in designing and building systems to automate business and government processes. We combine knowledge of application design, usability, and database design with proven internet technologies. We invest heavily in learning our clients' business processes, objectives and priorities, so that we can communicate effectively, capture project requirements and deliver software that better matches each clients unique needs. We offer:

  • Business analysis and documentation
  • Requirements documentation
  • Project management services
  • Process flow analysis and process improvement

Build Solutions
Gold Systems' core strength is our team of talented software engineers. We have extensive experience designing developing, deploying, and maintaining large enterprise level IT solutions. Our technical diversity is strong including a wide array of technologies such as Microsoft™, Java, Oracle™, and Linux based solutions. We are highly skilled at:

  • Systems development, design, and architecture
  • Systems security and data encryption
  • Legacy integration and data migration

Connect People
Gold Systems helps to connect you to your partners, community, customers and employees through intelligent, well-designed internet/extranet/intranet solutions. We pay particular attention to:

  • Usability analysis and user experience design
  • System performance and scaleable design

Help and Support
We desire to form long term partnerships with our clients. We continue to provide value to our clients through services such as:

  • Application hosting and maintenance
  • eLearning systems and end user training
  • Systems help desk and on call support