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Basic Principles

Our unique approach to collaborative software development is engrained in everything we do.

Agile Development

This isn't some Waterfall/Agile combination, we are all in. Many people on our team have only been exposed to the Agile iterative approach.

Requirements Management

Requirements are managed by the entire team but are controlled by the product owner, thus requiring a collaborative effort with the development team.

Component Architecture

The architecture is proposed by the team itself. The architecture-centric approach leads to careful consideration and selection of various applicable architectures.

Visual Modeling

The Scrum team, in consideration of the Sprint goals, decides which artifacts are created, and to what degree and quality. We know how to tow the line between excessive documenatation and confusion.

Continuous Quality

Focusing exclusively on their sprint goals, Scrum teams must demonstrate results at the end of each 30-day cycle (each sprint). In this way, functionality is tested, measured, and demonstrated in an iterative fashion.

PM Light

With self-managing teams, we can devote much fewer resources to the traditional Project Management tasks. The entire Gold Systems approach is based on the understanding that application development is an ongoing lifecycle.

Gold Systems is proud to be a long-standing GSA vendor

Services Price List - Effective Feb 6, 2018

Skill Category (SIN 132-51) Commerical Rate (Hourly) GSA Rate (Hourly)
Analyst I $85.65 $81.58
Analyst II $111.93 $106.59
Analyst III $138.19 $131.61
Analyst IV $164.46 $156.63
Software Developer I $85.65 $81.58
Software Developer II $98.22 $93.54
Software Developer III $111.93 $106.59
Software Developer IV $138.19 $131.61
DBA I $85.65 $81.58
DBA II $98.22 $93.54
DBA III $111.93 $106.59
DBA IV $138.19 $131.61
DBA V $164.46 $156.63
Project Manager II $111.93 $106.59
Project Manager III $138.19 $131.61
Project Manager IV $164.46 $156.63
Technical Writer I $59.39 $56.56
Technical Writer II $71.95 $68.52
Technical Writer III $85.65 $81.58
Software Tester/QA II $71.95 $68.52
Software Tester/QA III $85.65 $81.58
Software Tester/QA IV $98.22 $93.54
Clerical/Admin I $38.83 $36.98
Clerical/Admin II $45.69 $43.51
Clerical/Admin III $52.53 $50.03
Support Technician I $45.69 $43.51
Support Technician II $59.39 $56.56
Support Technician III $85.65 $81.58
Software Engineer III $138.19 $131.61
Software Engineer IV $164.46 $156.63

Hosting Price List Description Rate
Installation and Setup System installation and configuration - Time and material basis Per Commercial Price List
Data Center and Maintenance fee Co-locate fee, T1 bandwidth, rack space, daily backups Contact us for Quote
LMS System and Hosting LearningZen Learning Course Management System (LCMS) with hosting and maintenance Contact us for Quote

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